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Enjoy a moment of clarity

That brief instant of inner peace that we all crave for.
It’s in this bottle.

That burst of serenity at the end of a long day? You’ll find it here. MOMA is a source of well-being, a gateway to a peaceful realm, libation fit for everyone.

As it trickles through you, you’ll enjoy a thirst-quenching and stimulating drink that’s safe for new mothers, babies, and people of all ages and health conditions. Settle for nothing but the best. Settle for nothing but MOMA – clarity in a bottle.

shines with purity

Free from carcinogenic minerals, chemicals, additives, and other contaminants, this water shines with purity.

It undergoes an extensive purifying regime, which includes exposure to UV rays and ozone, so that no micro-organisms survive, and no chemicals can bio-accumulate.

It doesn’t require boiling, and it’s perfectly safe for babies, children, mothers-to-be, and people with low immunity.

Shaped like square prisms to save space and minimize carbon footprint, our bottles speak to our commitment to nature. Our customers who are environmentally aware and passionate about sustainability will appreciate this.

luxury and finesse

But perhaps the most attractive aspect of MOMA water is the design. Featuring 160 diamond facets, our bottles capture and reflect light in such a way as to exude luxury and finesse.

splendid liquid refreshment

No expense is spared in the creation of our bottles and caps, which are made in-house from safe materials, worthy of such a splendid liquid refreshment.

internationally certified


Available in Malaysia, China, Japan, Singapore, and Brunei,
MOMA holds a variety of certifications, including HACCP and HALAL.

the champion choice


And it also has the blessing of hand-drip champion Yohei Kubota, whose acclaimed coffee retains all its flavour with our water.

MOMAwater 300mL


MOMAwater 500mL


MOMAwater 1500mL


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