In a world inundated by information, stress and sensory overload,
what we crave most is

a moment of clarityTM


From metropolis to hamlet, single life to motherhood, Yumi’s moment of clarity began when her world became one of transformation, discovery and renewal.

Born in 1988, Yumi grew up in a loving family in Tokyo. Her youth was quintessentially Japanese—lively, colourful and exciting. In 2011, all was about to change. Following her marriage to her university sweetheart, Yumi migrated to her husband’s hometown, Sibu, a tranquil city nestled in Sarawak, Malaysia. She found herself in a sea of difference. Life was unhurried, expectations were realistic, and opportunities to try new things were always abundant. After the birth of her four wonderful children, she promptly built an exuberant new world for herself and her family. Today, she is a confident mother, a consummate cook, an adept Japanese language teacher, and the proud owner of Sibu’s leading blog shop, Sakura Box.


As a new mother, Yumi embraced change both in her lifestyle and her aspirations. What will they be like when her children grow up? What future awaits them? The ambitions she has for herself are now succeeded by those for her children, and very gladly so.


A healthy life is Yumi’s greatest wish for her young children, herself and her husband. She focuses on exercising and preparing wholesome diets for her family. And when it comes to the choices she makes on a daily basis, she knows it pays not to take safety for granted.


Having lived in fast-paced cities, Yumi longed to raise her family in an environment free from pressures and expectations. In Sibu, she discovered a nurturing world for herself and her children, where the only goals are those of her own, and failure is not feared but celebrated for making the world a smarter, wiser place.


Love, peace, health and friendship. Yumi feels fortunate to be surrounded by them. She makes it a point to cherish every moment, by appreciating the beauty in the smallest things, and being ever so thankful when big surprises come.


New experiences in a new world bring new happiness. Learning to drive, teaching her children to love and respect, making new friends in a world so different from her own—they all help Yumi discover the joys of independence and a sense of inner strength that she never knew.


What words of advice would Yumi give to the world?
“Learn to love change because it helps us discover things about ourselves that we never knew.”
“Health is the greatest form of wealth.”
“Don’t just teach your children, learn with them.”